Thursday, 11 November 2010

Take a Seat.......

Mostly there is a wait between sales.  As with many fellow Etsians, there can feel an inexorable wait, a time as barren as the badlands, as I try to make what I love into something viable.  But the wonderfully supportive Etsy community is a large reason why I joined, and I thought it would be helpful to link some of the tools available and inspiring articles I have read that keeps me marching on:

Also, Etsy has a great How To Section - a guide with "business speak", which, though I try to avoid is an invaluable tool :

Keep doing what you love, share what you love doing, care for your customers first and good exposure will follow, allow your business to grow organically and don't undervalue your skills and art.....Happy Days ahead!


  1. I too am experiencing a lull, but I'm sure most people haven't started Christmas shopping yet.

  2. Great links you included and I imagine the Christmas shoppers will be arriving soon!!

  3. We are hoping so for everyone on ETSY!

  4. Great links. I know it's hard to stay positive during the breaks but, like you put it, there's no reason not to remain productive!