Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas - Shipping Deadlines

The Holidays are coming and we hope you are looking forward to them with lots of cheer!  We would love SisterBatik to be a part of your festivities, whether looking for that gift for someone special or decorating and making your home lovely and lively!

Just a gentle reminder that we ship from the UK.  If you are planning to make purchases as gifts, be sure to beat the Christmas rush, and order before the recommended last shipping dates:

Airmail to US & Canada : Friday 9th December
Airmail Western Europe : Monday 12th December
Airmail Rest of the world: Monday 5th December
Within UK: Wednesday 14th December

Premium tracked shipping can be sent as late as Monday 19th December.  Please purchase here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/83251337/premium-shipping-for-sisterbatik-10-usd

I will do my best to provide the swiftest preparation of items for shipping and catch each days post - running very fast if need be : ) We appreciate your patience and understanding under the seasonal strain on all services. We cannot guarantee or be responsible for delays that might occur outside of our control. For the greatest assurance I would suggest purchasing the premium shipping option.

If you have a custom request, I would be more than happy to work as best as I can to make sure that this is possible for you - just ask me as soon as possible, as I hate to disappoint.

And remember - Happy Holidays ahead! Wahey!!!!!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams: Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog is incomparable in his transcendent style of narration; steeped in existential figuring.

In this fascinating documentary, he leads a small film crew along side scientists, art historians and a master perfumer into the sealed Chauvet caves in southern France, in a rare opportunity to witness with wonderment and attempt to demystify the oldest known paintings by human kind, carbon dated back 32,000 years.  With the help of the inquiring minds of experts in each of their fields and projecting his own impression that these represent the "awakening of the human soul" and in another instance "proto-cinema", I was drawn into it's quiet and inarticulate space.  The dawn of art is exerted as a spiritual path, lacking self-awareness, as there are no portrayals of human figures, only a single primitive female lower body dominated by the upper body of a bison (consider Picasso's modern artist's motif of the minatour as his representation of sexual appetite) - but what could it entail for the artist in a prehistoric context?

He ends with a 10 minute long meditation, simply to music, through the images captured along the length of the cave, which will never be open to the public and will be the closest, as viewers, we will get to standing within it's secret climate controlled confines to gaze upon the earliest artwork of our predecesors.

Available on Amazon

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Indian Ink Bindi on Pale Blue Wash

 Available on Etsy : indian-ink-bindi-throw-pillow

Using batik wax print on crisp 100% cotton.  Stunning pale blue colour with a an Indian bindi pattern.  Concealed zip at base.  Professionally serged/ overlocked.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

New Patchwork Pillow

 Available on Etsy: decorative-patchwork-pillow-cover

I am sorry that I have not been updating this blog as much.  I have been busy with a new gig and challenge!  Be sure that I love you always and grateful for your ongoing support in tough times!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Dream Bag

I became a little obsessed when making this cosmetic bag - I really hope you will love it?

Handmade is about consummate dedication, time given over to craft and unique inspiration that is not repeated by anyone else - it took me over a week of obsessively returning, between other work, to the patchworking (using 7 different designs of 100% Dutch wax print cotton), and then the embroidery embellished by hand or machine, to provide the three panels which come together to make this bag. 

This is a SisterBatik one of a kind patchwork boho bag for all your cosmetics, brushes and fragrances for somebody special xx

Available on Etsy now: dream-boho-cosmetic-make-up-bag-genuine

Copita, D'arblay Street, Soho

 Image from londoneater who loved the place.

The tradition and style of standing at the bar with a "copita", small tulip glass of something, something while sharing small eats/ plates is a fantastic way to enjoy two of life's good things and throw your palate into an effusive whirlwind that you forget any existence beyond the morsel of food in your mouth.  I love it so much, see here, here , here and here this year.  So how can a tapas bar pull the heart and soul from this manner of eating? 1) by shrinking the portions to unappetising effect; I also eat with my eyes and our poor pathetic looking portion of squab pigeon made my stomach grumble and let's not mention the mouse size cheese board and 2) inject so much pretension you rightly feel nowhere near your memories of tapas or Spain.

The menu sounded enlightened with nouveau fusions of flavours and it had so much promise that I hate to be disappointed : (  But their own made butifarra was very good!  The design and decor kept true to the tapas bars of Spain which I also liked.

Nobody will really care about my opinion anyway so I can be darn right honest : )