Saturday, 4 June 2011

For French Lovers

5 William IV Street

  © The London Foodie
There are few places, you can dine a five hour stretch in London without the maître d' applying polite pressure and without heaving through crowds on a Friday evening.  But this is a small subterranean corner of gallic charm in our old city, where devouring delicacies and lightly unwrapping over their indigenous wines, while time is forgotten is the calling.

Everybody is relaxed and laughing, and fully absorbed within their own company. Just as good for a gathering on one of the large tables, or two seaters for daters, and drop-in winers and diners sat at their zinc bar, within view of their busy kitchen and back and forth exchanges between bar staff, full of knowledge and recommendations with their guests.  A group of 30's professionals with coiffed hair and sparkling smiles, standing around a barrel perusing the wine list and enjoying an extended tasting session, having fun with vintage and maker; as most can be ordered by the glass - making it perfect for trying a range from their cellar.

As soon as your fingers melt into the aged leather bound 50 pages of wine selected - mostly from French winemakers and the staff have muttered from the menu and teased you with tasters at their suggestion - you could be in any corner of France.  Your eyes widen over the small but choice food menu, with small plates like pork & pistachio terrine, duck rillette, snails garlic and parsley on toasted bread, perfect portions while drinking.  Or perhaps select  from their 5 or so seasonal Plats du jour.  All their wines and foods are sourced with careful consideration for provenance - simple and effective principle you really appreciate as a diner.

© The London Foodie

I went there on a fantastic recommendation by The London Foodie - a trusted guide for London Dining!


  1. those picture made me so hungry lol
    lovely blog you have :)

    MADA from

  2. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I wish I had known about it when I was in London :(

  3. Many people have said this - but I cannot recommend this place more highly!

    You must make another plan to come to London : )