Thursday, 9 December 2010

December Mix and Match offer - Goodbye Plastic!

Mix and match our wonderfully ecclectic batik cotton shopping bags - select 2 from our range for $40 (individual cost was $25). Convo us on Etsy with your selection just by clicking on the link below:


We can also offer 3 bags for $50 - just convo us.

Batik offers vibrant design with 100% strong cotton - ideal for use as fabric shopping bags which are long lasting.

The wax block print technique really make the prints stand out!!

We think they also make funky beach bags.

No need for plastic anymore!! These cotton bags are for life (well almost)!


  1. nice!! i am from Etsy saw your respond :) my blog is Please check mine out too

    I am adding you to my blog list! =)

  2. You do such brilliant work, I just about gasp whenever I see the fabric. And love the bag idea! Though my reusable bags never seem to hold up to all of my grocery shopping, sigh.

    Also, unrelated-but-related: I wanted to give you a heads' up that I featured your Etsy shop in my blog the other day. In all of my pre-holiday madness, I forgot to let you know!! :-)

    Here's the link:

  3. Love your bags - I ♥ed your shop. Great designs.