Sunday, 2 January 2011

Zambezi stripes

When we see a print we like, our eyes fire a billion neurone tracts to our imagination and we are taken into some far off thought-land. So you must allow us to indulge. For what is loving something if you cannot indulge it alittle?

This print instantly made us think Out of Africa - tucked on some vast game plain, under the cool canopy of a tent or safari lodge. On the masai plains, lions majestic and resting between their kill, zebras proud in their famous lines, a plated-rhino snorting fierce. And like the life-blood flowing through the many great African game countries, is the great river, the Zambezi.  That's why we called it Zambezi stripes!



  1. Gorgeous pillows! So glad I found your blog through Chassity at Look Linger Love! I am in need of some pillows, going to browse your shop now!

  2. Wow!!! Beautiful work ladies!!! I also found you through Chassity, ans can not wait to find some beauties for my home in your shop!!!