Tuesday 22 February 2011


We are often asked by customers to help put together a selection of pillows on their behalf, which is a request we love to get and also love to do!

So we decided to put together a signature collection - "Bazaar" - a ready selection of six of our popular  pillows in a range of sizes - an eclectic mix, perfect for that elegant bohemian vibe - a preview on our blog for your delectation:

Have you ever been to a souk by the sea? 

The sea a calm antidote to life and its business.  As dusk settles, lamps illuminate like a genie set free to please you - a doorway into the night time bazaar; still a fantasia of noise, colors and textiles.

All images are © Sisterbatik 2010


  1. Such a great collection! I love the colors.

    and I have to say the your taste in decor for the rest of the room is wonderful as well!

  2. wow what amazing colors,I own a hair salon and I am remolding it and I really love the colors of your pillows I might have to buy a couple for my new salon.

  3. I can't get over how beautiful these pillows are! They seem to be made up of every color I can think of. Great work!

  4. Thanks - going to check out all your blogs : )