Friday, 8 April 2011

Chewing Meringues

Every year I convince myself that we will have an early summer - just as I imagine at the end of it, that we will have a late burst of Indian summer - the eternal optimist. 

And when that warm day comes (as it has this week), I make a certain pudding, and sometimes I only get as far as making the meringues the night before, leaving them to dry in the oven over night.  I sit with a coffee, chewing meringues - the satisfying soft crunch as I sink my teeth into one and chew on its cotton candy centre - yum!

This is the recipe I use:  meringue/eton-mess

I loved reading theblackheartrevolution.blogspot today - LOVES! 

With your coffee, please take a look at an interesting Etsy blog article:  noted-can-local-manufacturing-make-a-difference  And if you have time, see my related post in February:  be-your-own-boss

SisterBatik's  zambezi-stripes-set-of-two-cushion are featured on the handmade-europe-blog trend report today - please take a look.

Have a fab weekend and I hope, nice weather!


  1. I've wondered how to make meringues, thanks for the recipe.

  2. The little things are surprisingly rewarding to make and satisfying to eat : )

  3. I wish I had one of those with my coffee right now!

  4. I wish I could send you one or two : ) Failing that, the recipe is surprisingly good one to follow.

  5. Ever try making French Macarons? It's a long process to perfection (meaning about 10 or so batches of failing before the utmost success in creating these little treasures). Once you get it though, you'll never forget and they become quite easy :) But, I think I'll take the easy road and make some of these today!!

  6. I love macarons and I get the impression they are a hard to perfect : ) Please share your recipe on your blog - I would love to try!!!! Especially as they are so expensive to buy : (

    I find meringues relaxing to make and a strong arm helps ( I only have a manual whisk).

  7. yum. i picked a bad time to be on a diet 8-)

  8. I've been wondering how to make those!
    Thanks for stopping by The Blog Entourage and for reading my guest post. I love your etsy shop. Added you to my favorites! (my username is KaitlinandKylies.)

  9. These look just perfect!
    I'll have to try them.