Tuesday, 13 December 2011

New Public Library - Canada Water @CZWG


Sitting in a park in Paris, France 
Reading the news and it's all bad
They won't give peace a chance
It was just a dream that some of us had.
                                                                         Joni Mitchell, "California" 1971
Perhaps because it is winter and that the end of the year is drawing in, it seems even more so that nothing is growing, or there is few that is new to be optimistic for.  So, I was really happy, finally, for the new public provision of a library in Canade Water, Southwark, London to be unveiled.  Local libraries are a huge resource to a community; knowledge and literature for all age groups, computing and job searching facilities and a community space. What makes this library even more innovative is its design by the acclaimed architects CZWG ; I love the outstanding shape and how the space wraps around like open arms to form a well meaning arena.
 CZWG also designed this beautiful "tree-house" structure - Maggie's Centre for cancer care in Nottingham.

My affinity for CZWG design also stems from the little appartment I have called home for the last few years. The building was an ealier design by CZWG. I moved into the appartment after a tumultuous time in my personal life and it provided me with alot of light and wide windows and doors that allowed me to breathe.


  1. what a brilliant new library. Wonderful that there is a new one opening, when so many are under threat of closure.

  2. I love the library. So creative. I wish I had one like that in my town.

    From Etsy Blogging Buddies