Wednesday, 29 February 2012

On Primrose Hill can see across the London skyline, and what a view when the sun is high and bright.......

It was a sparkling morning.  You could see around the edges of the blinds that the sun was high and bright.  We rolled them up and greeted the day. Then scrambled some eggs in butter, adding fresh parsley, criss-crossed some grilled streaky bacon, and toasted slices of solid french loaf from the little organic store.  We brewed a couple of Yorkshire Teas then chatted about the stand-up show the night before, at the Sir Richard Steele pub on Haverstock Hill.
I said I was glad to have discovered the young Norwegian comic, Daniel Simonsen, with his straight fringe pressed hard against his forehead and how his awkward humour reminded me of Woody Allen in stand-up, but with the addition of cartoon-like expressions that erupted onto his face, that made me laugh.

We got out, and strolled up the gentle slope from Chalk Farm, across the small railway bridge onto Regents Park Road and Primrose Hill Village.  Doing what everybody else was doing on a nice day, and walked up to the top of Primrose Hill.
We saw two little toddlers, girl and boy, stumbling to walk in the middle of the path as we crossed the park. We took the long walk round and picked up the Sunday Observer from the newsagents at the corner of Princess Road. I saw a flash of the Irish Times paper, which brought a smile to my face, a reminder of a pillow featured a few weekends before.

We took a turn onto Edis Road, and I looked at the old run-down building on Gloucester Avenue, which I dreamt of reclaiming and having a tiny studio space to paint.....Sundays are for daydreaming afterall......We popped into Sardo Canale, mostly just to admire the foodie treats in their deli shop.  Then ogle- in at the expensive poissonnier down the street, at their gorgeous fresh fish on gleaming ice, that made me want to preserve them on canvas and paint.  We carried onto the intersection at Chalcot Road and Fitzroy Street and the great little French place, L'Absinthe I peered in on the little artisan studios along Chalcot Road and on Chalcot Square, that reminded me of the tiny work studios you could look into on the narrow artist streets in Montmartre, Paris.

Back on Regents Park Road, we ate lunch at The Queens and watched the North London derby (Soccer) match on the TV.  Your team lost which was too painful to bear........

Follow the route on and Primrose Hill.

What is your favourite route around your neighbourhood?  Which are your favourite haunts?  And what should we not miss? : )

Happy Leap Year!!!!!