Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ephemeral - the art of no longer existing

If you think for a moment, about the last thing you remember feeling, that no longer exists outside of that moment, then that feeling will overtake you and you will have reflected in something beautiful.

As much as words, must be more than communicating.  Art must be more than the end product, and in Live Art, the end product may no longer exist, belonging to no-one, independent of market, the art only prolongs in sentience.

The Tanks are a new space, dug out of the industrial bowels of the power station structure that stands as the Tate Modern on Bankside, London.  It is dedicated to forms of Art in Action including Performance Art - which the Guardian describes as "art that is more direct and more human".  Part of the Live programme, performed in the central chamber, was Anne de Keersmaeker's Fase: Four Movements , a mesmeric piece of synchronicity, loss and chaos.

And the future?  Will art galleries become more interactive, with Live and Performance Art?  Will art spaces and exhibitions and private views go on-line? Such as , an on-line gallery reaching a global audience to rival well known physical art galleries.

Owning art is still setting record sales at Christie's, but how will future art be sold and owned?
Has Live Art always purposely subverted the market?

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