Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday Bread

Sometimes life takes you in a direction you least expect.

When I was in hospital, I had alot of time.  A beautiful friend brought in the most amazing cook book (the weight of a few bricks), which I now cook from alot and over and over.  I have a habit when loving something to gush about it, and Italy and Italian Food is one of these things, which often compels my friends to go : )

I also love food which is based on staples, food that you can retreat to and that fills you up.  Like bread, a bowl of rice or a pot of stew.

And I want to share with you the recipe for focaccia classica bread by Giorgio Locatelli which takes a few attempts but tastes so good and packed with flavour.

I still need to work on getting the bubbles, but this was from todays batch.

For the "strong white bread flour" outside of Italy, Giorgio Locatelli advises 1:1 ratio of strong white bread flour : Italian Tipo "00" flour. 
The only change I make is to not add salt in the salamoia mixture, as I find the olives give enough salty flavour. 


  1. Thanks for posting on my blog - and I've enjoyed your colorful shop! I loved Locatelli's book when I first discovered it in my local library; you've reminded me that olives and bread are two of my favorite foods. Together is better.

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks soooo good!
    Happy Sunday! :)

  3. That does look good! I may need to try to make it on my own.

  4. My mouth is watering! I think I will have to look out for this book as I have been searching for a bit more inspiration in the kitchen recently.

  5. That looks SO good I could eat it off the screen!
    Yum :)

  6. hI! I'm italian and your focaccia looks sooo yummy!!!!
    I looove to cook and eat focaccia too, you can also try it with only rosemary, oregan and salt on it...sooo good!!! :O)

  7. Thanks - I will try this next time - sounds lovely : )