Sunday, 24 July 2011

Young Rebel Set @ Monto Water Rats

 Image from Monto Water rats

Looks like an Old man's pub on the outside, but old-fashioned theatre bar on the inside.

I like folk music, and being a long time admirer of the late John Lennon - also a big fan of the northern working class vocal.  Thursday, saw the Young Rebel Set fit right in.  They have the sound of quite a few English bands with their blue -collar rasp that teeters on (heart)breaking, and folk lyrics that aspire to their troubadour influences such as Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.   They like to hit the road alot, and as the Beatles before a many, have gigged the clubs of the Reeperbahn, Hamburg and come back: "So here's my Hea --- a--a -a- a-a- art........"

If I was....
Measure of a Man

You may have heard of UK-exports, the misty-eyed and dolent - "The harvest left no food for you to eat" Mumford & Sons quartet who earlier this year won a Grammy (ies), but here are a couple of folk artists I also like to support:

Trevor and Hannah-Lou Moss - This is England and Allotment Song
Treecreepers - Myspace  (A large tumbler of whisky to stare into, on a long November night a pre-requisite)
Caitlin Rose (US folk songstress, some of her songs she wrote when she was 16) - Sinful Wishing Well and Shanghai Cigarettes

The ultimate 60s Californian troubadour sound that emerged around Laurel Canyon and Newport Folk Festival - Mr Jackson Browne (he wrote this when he was 16) These days and their Earth mother Joni Mitchell California

I like Bob Dylan Positively 4th Street

Have a good-listening Sunday!

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