Tuesday, 2 August 2011

SisterBatik Forever

 Signature selection by SisterBatik available on Etsy: SisterBatik Forever - Set of 3
Available on Etsy:  DayDreamer
Available on Etsy: Emperor

A signature selection Set of Three from SisterBatik - beautiful pillow cases for the home.

The Forever set - using batik patchwork in crisp Dutch Wax print cotton (from 8 different reams of fabric) on the front and heavy weight grey wool mix "burlap" back (on two of them).  Truely OOAK!

I was really excited to help a bride earlier this summer in providing a set of pillows as seating for her wedding party - I was delighted that she asked and was more than happy to be involved.

Whatever your occasion or celebration, if you would like to involve SisterBatik pillows/ favours - I would love to hear from you : )

UPDATE: Currently unavailable as two of the pillows were sold.  But I am working on another DayDreamer, but of course each being OOAK, will be slightly different and original - thank you : )

UPDATE:  Now available, I have just completed another Daydreamer with lilac velvet ribbon down the centre SisterBatik Forever