Monday, 15 August 2011

Wanderlust Wallpaper

Les Rives du Bosphore at

I live in a small apartment but more often I live in my imagination. 

With your eyes closed, you might tilt your head upwards and see the Sistine chapel in all its celestial glory, or glide your fingertips along the cool interior stone wall again, regarding the ancient fresco art in Angkor Wat.  Touching the surface that paintbrushes of artisans past had transferred their prized pigments to.  If you focused those follicles, you might even breathe the air of your imaginings and remember simultaneously, the prickling heat of foreign climes on your skin.

The historical wanderlust wallpaper (using cloth paper) above, known as Papiers peints panoramiques, or antique block-printed panoramics for your walls, from the early 19th century by French manufacturers Joseph Dufour and Jean Zuber - would have been so decadent!  They would make a brave statement in decorative direction today - I just love and would go crazy for, if I had a pretty penny!  Maybe I'll make my own : )

How about ancient fresco art for a feature wall?  I took these at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which I can imagine being digitally printed onto wallpaper panels.

Have a great week!


  1. O wow, that would be so cool to put in like a dining room or something.

  2. Yeah : ) It would feel very stately, right?

  3. Oh aren't they just beautiful!! They would certainly make a statement on a home wall!

  4. Love these! I totally agree with a dining room.!/MandyCrandell