Wednesday, 19 December 2012

2013 Trend Board - Pantone & Patterns

Pantone the world-renowned authority on colour sees the world through these various tinted glasses - Emerald being their jewel in the crown in 2013!  I recommend following Pantone on Pinterest  Get ready to see design and merchandising follow these colour rules......

I also recommend following PatternBank on Pinterest; inspiration for Print and Pattern in 2013

London fashion Week s/s 2013 takes bold prints with a  tribal twist on collage, panelling and draping.

Tribal Hmong OOAK Pillows by SisterBatik

Stella Jeans s/s 2013 uses a print popular with Burberry Prosum 2012 and SisterBatik 2011
African Wax Print is as popular as ever!

And Style Blogger, Susie of StyleBubble goes Geometric

And take a look at SisterBatik on Pinterest - we are NEW!


  1. Wonderful post!!

  2. I'm excited about emerald! That monaco blue is also really nice. (And glad to hear you've joined Pinterest!)

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am really excited about the Pantone 2013 colours and the bold prints and patterns heading our way......and I love, love, love Pinterest!!