Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Du Goudron et Des Plumes @ The Barbican

London is a huge feast of art and culture and unless you plan ahead, you can find that you miss out on the best shows.  So serendipity must have had a part to play, when I found the last two tickets for the final night of  this show within hours of the performance.......that's for trying last minute!!

Du goudron et des plumes conceived and directed by Mathurin Bolze ( young French circus genius) was back at The Barbican, following sold out performances in 2011.  If his circus happens to travel your way, make sure you go....but maybe plan ahead : )

"Bolze explores friendship, cooperation and trust through a combination of thrilling acrobatics, bewitching lighting, music and an ingenious set.

Whilst fighting to keep afloat, five strangers are thrown together on a pitching rolling vessel adrift somewhere between earth and sky in a performance of great beauty and heart-stopping tension."

* I have been trying to figure out what Du goudron et des plumes means in the context of the show.  It translates as "Tar and feathers".  To tar and feather, is a form of punishment to enforce unofficial justice, to cast out and humiliate.  But as the title isn't "active", tar and feather, could represent heavy and light objects.  The French expression is also colloquially used  to mean bluffing as in a game of poker.  Any other ideas?

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