Friday, 25 March 2011

Hot hues and Hacienda living

Inspired by Sibella Court's re-imagining of bedouin living with this lived-in interior: 

Her interior design book "Etcetera ETC" release March 18th in the UK.
Best Designed Book of the Year” at the annual APA Book Design Awards.

.....and also the enviable adobe hacienda "At Hilltop" home of interior designer Kathryn Ireland, on the sun-drenched north Los Angeles coastline

                                                                             Kathy Ireland's home is amazing (see blog.livelikeyou)

 ........I was driven to create my own hacienda bed, with our pillows, textiles, limited resources and moving things around in my own space - no hilltop, no coastline, but a week of glorious sunshine in the UK - gave way to this:
Kathryn Ireland is amazing -  I absolutely love anyone who embraces and makes something their own.  Never let limited resources stop you, it only asks more of you - so be creative and collect on the way : )

Faded old painting - my own oil on canvas
Bedouin bolster pillow - set of two on Etsy:  /bedouin-duo-ooak-sisterbatik-set-of-2

Orchids from the supermarket - they will last a long time with good care.  Sit the roots in water for one hour each week.  They grow fine and flower once or twice a year on my window sill.
 Throw pillows above - all by SISTERBATIK
Thin daisy quilt and distressed Heligan and Marais fabric (folded) bought in the Laura Ashley sale. Hacienda textiles carried back from Lima, Peru.
1970s pink silk kimono a thrift store find when I was 16, over Hot pink zebra pillow:  hot-pink-zebra-large-cushion

Dreamy adobe hacienda estate:

Happy weekend!


  1. Wow! So beautiful! If I even attempted to make my house look that good, it would get messed up in a matter of hours between the dogs and the boyfriend.

  2. Your blog is gorgeous ! love your colourful creations and interiors.. makes me want to snuggle up among all them cushions with a good book and a cup of tea !!

  3. i LOVE this! i want a hacienda bed now :)


  4. I love how you have created that look in your bedroom! I love the idea of working with what you have to make your space unique. Great job!

    And thank you for commenting on my blog, I am following you now!

  5. I love this. Just gave me some more reason to dream. Oh and colors are breath taking!