Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Stockholm Stadsmission

Recently, I stumbled on a real gem of a thrift store called Stockholm Stadsmission.  It is a small chain with a branch in Somermalm, one of the numerous islands in the Stockholm inner archipelogo; home to a bohemian crowd, where pavement cafes live alongside ooak kitsch stores and vintage dens such as Grandpas.  Inside Stockholm Stadsmission you will find color co-ordinated home accessories, ice cream coloured bedding and upholstery fabric and retro furniture at very reasonable prices.  If only home were in Stockholm and shipping were not needed!

I absolutely loved this avocado mid-century chair for 50euros.

 ** Photos were taken at the Stockholm Stadsmission branch in Vasastan.

In celebration of Euro week, the Etsy Front page has been promoting many Euro treasuries and I saw this the other day which took me right back to Old town in Stockholm:

Taken on Skeppsholmen near the Moderna Museet

It still felt very wintry though it was already March, with snow cover over large areas, as at Skansen on Djurgarden which reminded me of the locations in Winter's Bone (recently seen on a recommendation by one of the comments left on my blog) :

Travel was by Irish airline Ryanair which whizzes around Europe like a hyperactive carrier; a fanfare playing through the cabin, annnounces another on-time arrival (the most succesful in Europe).  It helps to make that short trip to a European city affordable and within reach, especially if you can travel light.    My return flight from the UK cost £14 ($22) or in SisterBatik units - 1 small pillow : )


  1. Great photographs and aren't you lucky for the whippy airline!

  2. I am so envious of people in Europe, being able to go from country to country so quickly. Going from state to state can be fun, but it is my dream to go county-hopping.

  3. Lulu - let's do a swap. I would love to go to the US and hop state-to-state : ) So many cities; Nashville, Portland, New Orleans..... - mostly as I am movie and music obsessed!

  4. Great post, love how you translate your return flight form pounds into SisterBatik units. :0)

  5. Love the post and photos - took me on a visual trip:)