Friday, 4 March 2011


Our latest - using a stunning imperious print.  Complementing our Persian pillow.

The name refers to the print but also reminded me of the unfortunate patriarch, named Royal, in one of my favorite movies; The Royal Tenenbaums.  An off-beat comedic family story of disengaged child prodigies grown into adulthood but not yet grown out of their childhood outfits, and a father's bitter sweet and awkward attempt at amends - perfect casting with Gene Hackman.

Wes Anderson, it's creator has a librarian's eye on the poduction design of this movie - setting the stage for quirky intellect.  We think our pillow would have felt at home on his set : )


  1. Thanks for joining the 31 day challenge, those pillows look amazing, and make me want to take a nap!!

  2. Your pillows are gorgeous and I love your photos!

  3. Love the colors! I've been looking for pillows like these for a tweens room!!



  4. love that fabric! beautiful pillows :)

  5. Just found your lovely blog through the etsy blog team!

    I loooooove the pillow, and I agree it would have been perfect for that movie. My favourite textile movie is Titanic - what I would give to have some of those fabrics. Leo isn't bad either ;)