Monday, 10 October 2011

Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp - Gift Service

The Holiday season is going to be rolling in and I am abit eak.....but excited at the challenge and opportunity.  I am working through the resources available on Etsy to help me plan for it and hopefully make a success.  I thought it might be useful to put these links together here for friends and readers who are also sellers on Etsy. Good Luck - let's make it a great season!

First thing is to sign up for the Etsy Success Boot Camp Newsletter with calendar updates of things to prepare and How-Tos from small business drill instructors.  And if you are, like me, based in the UK and looking for location based tips for the festive season make sure to sign up for the Etsy UK Newsletter too.

You can also find the complete Holiday Boot Camp series via Etsy Blog.

This is a link to a great article on Holiday Services you might like to offer as add-ons to your products.

I am particularly thinking about Getting it there in time , especially with the extra demands and cut-off dates for shipping services, you might want to offer priority/ upgraded shipping while making sure that you are not left out of pocket for your hard work during the busy period.

And how about offering your customers' their item ready in beautiful Gift Wrap for a stand alone fee? I have started experimenting for SisterBatik Gift Wrap this, I will share the results in the near future!

And for that last minute gift purchase, be prepared with a range of e-Gift Certificates

I hope you find these resources helpful while you are thinking ahead : )

Sisterbatik xx

Still time to enter my giveaway-celebration-flock-of-12 - fabric-origami-cranes - decorative favours.


  1. I like the gift wrap and upgraded shipping ideas :) I wish Etsy would allow us to add these to our listings as options instead of having to add them on later!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful resources, thank you:)

  3. Thanks for sharing all these helpful links. I can't believe the holidays are almost here, they come faster and faster every year.
    Everyday Inspired