Sunday, 6 November 2011

Dream Bag

I became a little obsessed when making this cosmetic bag - I really hope you will love it?

Handmade is about consummate dedication, time given over to craft and unique inspiration that is not repeated by anyone else - it took me over a week of obsessively returning, between other work, to the patchworking (using 7 different designs of 100% Dutch wax print cotton), and then the embroidery embellished by hand or machine, to provide the three panels which come together to make this bag. 

This is a SisterBatik one of a kind patchwork boho bag for all your cosmetics, brushes and fragrances for somebody special xx

Available on Etsy now: dream-boho-cosmetic-make-up-bag-genuine


  1. I love your new cosmetic bags! What a great idea for your amazing fabrics.
    Everyday Inspired

  2. Beautiful! I love the mix of colors and different stripes.

  3. Fabulous design, I just love the texture and colour.

  4. It is awesome! How can you even ask? Everything you do is a piece of art!

  5. : ) Thanks! Sometimes I do get caught up in my own little detail obsessed world that I forget to look up. Thank you for the love!

  6. I love the variety of colors and designs. A very cool and hip bag.

  7. I really like this bag :) The design is really cute :)