Sunday, 6 November 2011

Copita, D'arblay Street, Soho

 Image from londoneater who loved the place.

The tradition and style of standing at the bar with a "copita", small tulip glass of something, something while sharing small eats/ plates is a fantastic way to enjoy two of life's good things and throw your palate into an effusive whirlwind that you forget any existence beyond the morsel of food in your mouth.  I love it so much, see here, here , here and here this year.  So how can a tapas bar pull the heart and soul from this manner of eating? 1) by shrinking the portions to unappetising effect; I also eat with my eyes and our poor pathetic looking portion of squab pigeon made my stomach grumble and let's not mention the mouse size cheese board and 2) inject so much pretension you rightly feel nowhere near your memories of tapas or Spain.

The menu sounded enlightened with nouveau fusions of flavours and it had so much promise that I hate to be disappointed : (  But their own made butifarra was very good!  The design and decor kept true to the tapas bars of Spain which I also liked.

Nobody will really care about my opinion anyway so I can be darn right honest : )

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