Monday, 6 June 2011

Carnival Stitch OOAK

Monday reading - I just wanted to share with you a piece written by the author Lionel Shriver (who is best known forWe need to talk about Kevin)  in the newspaper: How I failed my best friend (I have only just seen it though it is over a year old but that does not really matter). It is honest writing about serious illness and what becomes of us in facing it or not.  I am off to order her book So much for that.  I like her fiction for how she approaches difficult subjects head-on!


  1. 'How I Failed My Best Friend' is an awesome post. I admit that I am that way with family and it is bad. I do not call or visit the older members as much as I should. Thinks for the much needed message. I love the brightness and pattern of your pillow!

  2. Beautiful work, as always!

    I'm off to read the "How I Failed My Best Friend" post right now! Thanks for sharing it.


  3. I will check this out. I love how you mix awesome colorful patterns with good literature.

  4. i looove the colors in that pillow! the pattern is so intricate and gorgeous as well.