Sunday, 26 June 2011

Family dumplings

Preparing food can be a pleasure, so I learnt.

My sister and I, from time to time, get together to make Gyoza (Japanese dumplings), some destined for the freezer and some to eat fresh, with whomever shares our table. 

After coveting their more-ishness in restaurants for many years, I was over the moon to discover a good recipe for it.  The recipe, I learnt from my brother, who dictated it as I watched him prepare it, pestering him for quantities that don't formally exist, more intuitive estimates and portions - get a taste for it, change it, flavours are malleable.  He in turn had learnt it watching someone before him.  I had to work fast to get it written down (apologies for the handwriting); I get an idea of what it must be like to be an apprentice in his kitchen.

In Italy, traditionally girls with their mother and grandmother would set time aside to wrap gnocchi (dumplings) for a large Sunday lunch - they call them parcels of love.  The act of folding and repetition, wrapping each individually to be enjoyed and shared amongst many, really is an exercise of great affection.

Some destined for the freezer.
Some destined for the plate.
(Missing from the bottom is Japanese Rice vinegar to be combined in the dipping sauce) 

This was the best video I found to demonstrate wrapping on youtube: wrapping

NB  When packing to store in the freezer, put cling film between each layer of gyoza, to prevent them all sticking together.

Enjoy preparing these and enjoy Eating them even more!

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  1. YUM! I'll put some in my freezer! :) These look delicious!

  2. I love Gyoza! This makes me want to make some :)

  3. Gyoza is one of my favorite comfort foods! I'll be bookmarking this page for making it later ;)

  4. they looks delicious!!!! I want them...LOL!!!