Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Literary Look

What does an English writer's home look like?

Virginia Woolf's "A room of one's own" is a feminist essay about emancipation and economics, and it's essence - being able to afford a space to create and expand.  Don't we all need this if we are to create sucessfully?
Last weekend, I visited a writer friend at home, which I loved and got straight onto Etsy to find pieces to recreate the "Literary look" of her home: 



She had the best kitchen on the first floor, which had a proper old-fashioned larder and her kitchen sink was in front of a wide window that looked over all the neighbourhood's back gardens; swings and trampolines in some, vegetables or blooms in others.  We have "growing" spaces in England called an allotment, which is an area designated to planting and gardening, split into plots and distributed among local residents who don't have their own outdoor space.  And her view reminded me of these, like a mixed patchwork of individual spaces and yet communal. I would love to have a plot on an allotment and have cups of tea with other gardeners there : ) But demand is high for these.

It is inspirational to see spaces of fellow Etsy creators shared on flickr: etsyopenstudios
My small space:  she-burns-brighter-now-shes-on-fire and summer-with-wild-roses-and-fox-gloves


  1. pretty furniture. Love your batik! {:-Deb

  2. Hi -

    What a great post, I really love that deco table!

  3. The blue chairs! Amazing!

    We have a lot of dark wood and books in our house, too. I love this look.

  4. Nice literary finds- that throne lounger is wickedly awesome!

    Megan K.

  5. I agree with Paige. Those blue chairs are stunners.

  6. What a cool idea! Love the Asian leather top desk!


  7. My husband would die for several of these pieces... He's the one who brings the dark wood look into our decor. ;)