Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Where the Wild Things go

"Wild" he described me in his misunderstanding of the English language, or so I thought.
"Really?" I imagined adjectives; crazy, fantastical, edgy, extravagant in the pursuit of pleasure.....the cool stuff.
But he meant, the form which takes you "Into the wild", reclusive and untamed by customary society.

 Images from thedeptfordproject a reclaimed train carriage now coffee fix for local artists.

The New York Times describes Deptford as the Wild West in their 2009 article  BBC2's Culture Show as a "No Mans Land" while visions of it's devoid creekside float before your eyes in case you needed affirmation.

A place for the unfashioned charming and where hunger is good discipline, as Ernest Hemingway once described of the creativity that feeds him while his belly remained empty; not orchestrated of the mind, nor a self-conscious soul and nor indeed of transient hearts.

Oh, to the wild things...........creating under railway arches.

Railway Arch creativity (images from Deptford Project)
 Art Space - bearspace (Bearspace and additional source deptforddame.blogspot) 
 APT Gallery on Creekside
 Deptford High Street: Artists, meet Nigerian fabric purveyor, meet Vietnamese supermarkets, meet Hallal Butchers, meet South londoners flea market, meet pies and mash, meet bric-a-brac.....all is here.....criminals and drunks too, to be true.


  1. O wow--I want to go that train/cafe! I want to go and then steal one of those stools

  2. I so wish I had had you as my tour guide when I visited London.

  3. the train cafe is awesome! i would love to ge there if i can make it to london!


  4. ah, i have been here! i shared a deptford project stall with a friend last year, i think soon after the project launched. sadly it was incredibly quiet, very little footfall and no sales. how is it getting along now?
    we also met some nice boys in the railways arches who fix up peoples pushbikes

  5. Great to hear from you. The high street has always been very busy and the coffee shop too. Funny, I have probably seen you at the stalls, I wasn't a holder but I went when they first launched : ) You are right, the Project stalls tends to be on the quiet side, I think it should be made into a regular event and build up footfall, but at the moment I never know when they are, so I think other people probably don't know either.

  6. Loving that train cafe, genius! Great shots.

  7. This looks like such a fun and vibrant place to hang out. Never heard of it before in arty terms.